We are a company that supply Premium quality human hair. Our passion for beauty has led us to provide all the well sought after hair from around the world. Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian just to name a few! And of course QUALITY is key! That is why we provide nothing less than 100% virgin human hair

Why us you might ask? Well the answer is simple! We care about hair and we care about you. Our company stands out amongst the rest simply because every woman deserves the best and that is exactly what we bring to you. Explore our site today and let Evecence be the essence of your beauty.



100% virgin human hair/ Evecence beauty

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Evecence Quality Guarantee 

  • We provide  PREMIUM quality hair extensions.

  • Each hair bundles is a ponytail collected from one person, with no chemical processing.

  • Cuticle are aligned, intact and running in one direction.

                                                                                 Customer Service Assurance 

  • We provide competitive prices

  • We guarantee quality customer service and all the important product information you need to make the most of your shopping experience.